Monday, November 10, 2008

It's "D" day

As in "D" for disinfect. First we had pink eye (contained to one child so far), then sore throats (one WAY worse than the other), and then the vomiting (again, one WAY worse than the other--opposite child). Yesterday was a trip to urgent care. Early this morning was a puke fest. Once again, slumber parties are fun except when someone is hurling for 2 hours straight. Fun times.

Now I have this urge to wash every sheet/blanket/pillow/pj in site. Break out the Clorox wipes. Bring on the Lysol. Let's get this house clean again and the sickies gone.

A side note: Emma is our tomboy who loves sports. She wanted to watch TV early this morning while she was up, so we were watching the bad cartoon that are on at 3am. The DVR kicked in because there was a replay of Super Bowl XXXIII where the Broncos play the Falcons--hubbie has it on his record list. Emma wanted to watch the football game rather than cartoons. I fell asleep, but I heard her use words like "tackle" and "get the ball!" She knows more about football at age 5 than I did at age 25.


kdotp said...

You know, she has an uncle who would be more than happy to teach her the finer points of the game.

Anonymous said...

I heart Clorox Wipes! My favorirte scent the Lemon. I have 3 bottles at home and 1 at work.

I am off tomorrow and so that means my house will be immaculate and mostly in part to Clorox.

Hope the girls are feeling better and rid of all the bugs!

Cristin said...

Ick... sorry about the germ-fest.