Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Wishes

We first "officially" saw Santa the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we were at Grandma & Grandpa M's house. Since we were going to go see him, Emma had to write her list out. Grandma actually had a Christmas coloring book that had a page just for that purpose--you could even draw a picture of what you wanted. At the top of her list for this year has always been a dog--a stuffed dog. Somehow the picture got elaborate--it ended up being a hunting dog and there were people on the ground with guns hunting pheasants that were flying in the sky. Huh? We are not hunters in our family, I'm not quite sure where she came up with that scenario.

Since that letter was left with Santa, I keep asking her what is on her list. You know, for purely inquisitive reasons. She always says a dog. Does it matter what kind of dog? Any kind of dog. And a Webkinz. Any certain one? Any kind of Webkinz. Sometimes the list includes things like a train (any kind of train) and a baby doll (any kind of baby doll). At least she's not so specific that Santa goes out of his mind looking for particular items.

One day she brought home a picture in an envelope for me that she had made at school. In the picture is what I want for Christmas--a cookbook, a bracelet, and a cup (she came up with these things). Underneath my items where what she wanted. A DS (as in a Nintendo DS) and a dog. Ah, kindergarten.

At last count, I think Emma may be receiving no less than 4 dogs for Christmas. Will that suffice? I'm not sure, because as you know, she REALLY needed on in the first place as evidenced by this picture:
That would be from left to right: yellow puppy which she received when she was a few weeks old, Butterscotch which she won at the school carnival this fall, Prickles the Beanie Baby hedgehog she "stole" from Grandma's house, Blizzard her husky dog she made at Build-a-Bear for her birthday this year, the legs belong to Teddy which is one of her original lovies, and Elway the one cat in the animal menagerie. And up on the radio is a Littest Pet Shop dog, one of about 50 she has. Missing from the photo is Zach her Rottweiler Webkinz. The poor girl has no animals, especially dogs, can't you see?


TJ said...

I am sad to say we have the Build-a-Bear husky, too (with his baby huskie) and the Tricks and Talent Show LPS dog. Mable keeps asking me to find the headband that came on that dog. That thing met the vacuum hose a long time again, I am sure. ;)

KAS said...

Are you sure you don't want a real dog? She's only moderately annoying.