Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day!

A big fat, "I told you so", although the storm was hyped up for way too long. The system ended up being slower than they thought, which was just fine because that meant hubby's commute home wasn't affected. I guess all the local schools who let out early in anticipation of an icy drive later were feeling pretty silly. It finally did start sleeting/icing around 7-8pm. Looking out the window in the morning it didn't look like we had gotten too much snow, but once we went outside to play--there was a lot of it.

Last year we had tons of snow, but really only took the girls to play outside once. Usually the temperature was below freezing, so playing outside isn't much fun then. The one time we did go out, Leah wasn't too sure about all the white stuff. She really didn't like to be all bundled up and walking around in it was too hard. I'm so glad she is liking it this year! The girls and I were outside for a good hour walking around, making snow angels, "sledding", and pretending. Even though we don't have any real hills at our house, the drifts were enough that the girls could slide down them--it was just their speed.

Of course I got a lot done during the snow day, just like I had planned. Ha!

I don't think we'll be playing outside again soon--tomorrow's high is supposed to be 3 degrees with windchills of -20 to -30. Yikes!


Rae Ann said...

Brrrr! I am having flashbacks of my days in North Dakota! It was only fun to play in the snow there after the first snow. After that it was not only too cold, but dangerous. Keep warm!

KAS said...

We'll have to remember to bring G's snowpants with us on Christmas so he can go out and play for a bit.

Jenn M said...

Leah's snow ensemble is precious not to mention her sweet rosy cheeks to go with it! I'm sure Emma's is as adorable but the picture doesn't quite showcase it as well. Her snow glow is gorgeous though!
Great fun and hey, maybe you should go into meteorology? Our temp is dropping as a type--from 65ish to a predicted 20s by nightfall. I wish we could have a white Christmas but it will probably climb back to the 60's. oh well! Happy wrapping and wine drinking!

Bad Mommy said...

Leah is getting so big!!!!