Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a Festivus Miracle!

Remember all the issues Emma has with clothes? She used to be in tears at the mere mention of wearing jeans. Guess what she picked to wear yesterday--jeans. No prompting, no begging, no threats. She wore them all day and proclaimed many times about how comfortable they were. I tried hard to really compliment how great they looked. Today I gave her a choice and she picked jeans again. She only has two pair! She also likes the pants I picked out for her to wear for Christmas, and she even wears the shoes I picked out (ballet flat style). Is she turning a corner with some of her issues? Is it truly a Festivus Miracle?

And on to other miracles . . . .

Leah is still not potty trained and has no real desire to do so. Last week we asked her when she was going to potty train and she said, "Next week!" We took her for her word, and this morning she finally did some serious business on the potty. She was rewarded with an Ariel doll that had been sitting up in the closet for the past 4 months, waiting for this moment.

Update: I just asked her if she needed to go sit on the potty. "No". I asked, "Did you pee in your pull up?" "No, I pooped." I guess next I'll be airing my grievances.

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